Grumbling Generosity

24 September 2023

Year A

“God is generous and God will pour himself out as much as we are able to receive. And our lives are about growing in that capacity to be able to be used and to receive the goodness of God.” Fr Richard Healey So many of us have a whole mix of memories from our childhood,…

Compassionate and Gracious

4 June 2023

Season of Growth, Solemnity, Year A

Trinity Sunday What is God life? When I was a kid, I had a pretty clear idea. God was an old dude with a long white beard. He sat on a big golden chair. He had a kindly face, but a really short fuse. He seemed to get ticked off by almost anything at all….

Called in love

17 March 2023


17 March – St Patrick, evangelist First Reading ‡ Jeremiah 1:4-9 Go now to those to whom I send you. Responsorial ‡ Psalm 116 Go out to all the world and tell the Good News. Second Reading ‡ Acts 13:46-49 We must turn to the pagans. Gospel ‡ Luke 10:1-12.17-20 Your peace will rest on…

Holy Ground

20 March 2022

Lent, Season of Growth, Seasons, Year C

Third Sunday in Lent, C. First Reading ‡ Exodus 3:1-8.13-15 This is what you must say to the children of Israel: I Am has sent me to youResponsorial ‡ Psalm 102:1-4.6-8.11 The Lord is kind and merciful.Second Reading ‡ 1 Corinthians 10:1-6.10-12 All this that happened to the people of Moses in the desert was written for our…

Casting fire on a gloomy earth

18 August 2019

Season of Growth, Year C

One of the things that never fails to amaze me – and this is a little embarrassing to admit! – is when you have been literally under the weather for a while: the sky is grey and overcast, perhaps it has rained a bit, with fog and mist thrown in and the weather is really…

The Trinity and Whole Thinking

22 May 2016

Solemnity, Teaching

One of the great difficulties that we face in the western church in attempting to appreciate the gift and mystery of the Holy Trinity is the fact that so much of our thinking and even our whole conceptual framework is formed by Greek thinking and the three laws of Greek logic as given to us…

The Holy Dysfunctional Family

27 December 2015

Christmas, Seasons

Flowing directly out of the celebration of Christmas this year we have the opportunity to reflect upon not only the holy family of Nazareth, but also our own conceptions and ideas of family. In my case, I know that many of my most basic understandings of family came from comparing the idealised image of family…

The Trinity and Gay Marriage

30 May 2015


On Trinity Sunday we celebrate the heart of our faith – an encounter with a God of love. The Trinity has often been described using images that in the end always limp and fail to capture the glory and sublime beauty of a doctrine that is only able to be encountered in prayer, rather than…

Good goats did it for me

23 November 2014

Season of Growth, Solemnity, Year A

Bad sheep and good goats Justice is something that we learn very early as children. We have this strong instinct for when something doesn’t just seem to be fair. Perhaps as a result, justice is one of the most profound longings of the human race. When there is no justice, then…

Rocky Simon’s declaration of faith

26 August 2014

Season of Growth, Year A

The Gospel today has Jesus taking the disciples on a very unusual road trip. They walk to the very north of Israel, on the border of Lebanon and Syria to the foothills of Mount Hermon. There in the region of Caesarea Philippi – a town that was being built by King Herod to honour a…

Encountering the Living God

22 June 2014

Easter, Seasons, Solemnity

When you think about God and how God offers a relationship with him, it seems to me that the word encounter is one of the more helpful ways of describing this relationship. Yet, when you look up the word encounter, you discover that it comes into the English language via the Old French word encontre,…

Became empty on a cross

13 April 2014

Lent, Seasons

The liturgy of Passion Sunday is dominated by the contrasts of the triumphant entry followed by the solemn proclamation of the Passion of our Lord. In between, the church each year provides us with two powerful texts to reflect upon – the first of the servant songs, followed by the Carmen Christi – the song…

Called to be perfect

23 February 2014

Discipleship, Teaching

Source: www.shinheechin.com No one could deny that the Jewish law sets a very high standard. In this reading from Leviticus chapter 19, we’re told to “Be holy, for I the Lord your God, am holy.” Be holy as God is holy? Seriously? The Gospel today (Matthew 5: 38-48) concludes with Jesus…

The law completed

16 February 2014

Bible, Season of Growth, Teaching, Year A

The Jewish law, especially the 613 mitzvah or commandments found in the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures / Old Testament) – with 365 prohibitions (You shall not…) and 248 prescriptions (Honour your father and mother; Keep holy the Sabbath day…), was a colossal achievement. The whole of the Jewish nation -…

The face of God

22 December 2013

Advent, Seasons

As Christians, we can take for granted the possibility of knowing Jesus, the son of God, as a human baby. In fact this is an absolutely radical idea. If you were a Jew living in the years before the birth of Jesus, there would be many things that you could know about God. The Hebrew…

Casting fire on a gloomy earth

18 August 2013

Season of Growth, Year C

One of the things that never fails to amaze me – and this is a little embarrassing to admit! – is when you have been literally under the weather for a while: the sky is grey and overcast, perhaps it has rained a bit, with fog and mist thrown in and the weather is really…

Belief in ‘god’

25 December 2012

Bible, Christmas, Seasons, Teaching

We are told by surveys and the media that more and more Australians no longer believe in ‘god’. Yet, if you asked them what the ‘god’ that they don’t believe in is like, I would have to say that I don’t believe in that ‘god’ either. For most people, god is a being who is…

Belief in ‘god’ at midnight

25 December 2012

Christmas, Seasons

The early church began to realise after the events of the death and resurrection, that this is the God who was revealed in the baby born in Bethlehem. God has come in the child born in the manger. God has come in Jesus of Nazareth; if we want to know what God is like, we…

Ten words of freedom

10 March 2012

Season of Growth, Year B

To soften the hard edge of these sacred commandments that are presented in Exodus 20, the Rabbis’ would often tell a joke – such as ‘when Moses came down the mountain, he began by telling the people: well, there is good news and bad news; the good news is that I managed to talk the…

Blessed by the face of God

1 January 2012

Christmas, Season of Growth, Seasons, Year B

In the perception of the so-called general public, when people think about God – if indeed they ever think about God, the idea that will probably be conjured would be more like the idea of the force from Star Wars, then the biblical reality of God. Likewise, the idea of heaven as somewhere up there…

The empty God

24 September 2011

Season of Growth, Year A

To make sense of the gospel today, you need to see what has been happening earlier in chapter 25 of Matthew’s gospel. At the beginning of the chapter Jesus and his disciples have made their triumphant entry into Jerusalem on the day that we now call Palm Sunday. He then proceeded to cleanse the temple,…

God is love

18 June 2011

Season of Growth, Year A

When you read through the scriptures, one thing that modern readers might expect are passages that point to proofs for the existence of God. And yet there is not a single place that we can turn to to find something even remotely close to a De Deo Uno (Concerning One God) treatise that you find…

Encountering the Sacred Tetragrammaton

6 March 2010

Lent, Seasons

Lent – week 3 (Year C) – Exodus 3:1-16 During Lent we travel with specific characters. In the first week we have journeyed into the wilderness with Israel as they pondered their past and looked toward their future in the promised land – and then stayed in the wilderness with Jesus as he spent 40…

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