Hope of New Creation 2 – Purgatory and Hell

1 May 2016

Easter, Seasons, Series

Moving into the second week of this series, we need to look at the question of what happens in the moment of death and the personal judgement that each person receives before God. What are the possible options regarding our judgement, what are the possible destinations, and how long does the process of purification take…

Perfected in the paradise of purgatory (All Souls Day)

2 November 2014

Solemnity, Teaching

When discussion turns to the last things – heaven, hell and purgatory – I am amazed how much of the discussion of such crucial questions in church circles is so muddy. We are talking about the destination for eternity – which most people know means a rather long time. In fact, we are more likely…

Heaven, Hell and God’s love

9 February 2013

New Creation, Teaching

Heaven, Hell and God’s love Presented over a two-day seminar, these workshops open up the theme of the place of the resurrection of Jesus in the life of Christians, considering what society teaches and understands about death and what happens after death. The seminar looks at the teaching of scripture and…

Heaven, hell and God’s love

6 October 2012

New Creation, Teaching

This workshop was presented during the Ignite Conference 2012 – Awaken. It is in part a response to the book written by Rob Bell, called ‘Love Wins’ which was published in 2011. This is the description of the workshop: Rob Bell challenged the Church to rethink heaven and hell in his book Love Wins. This seminar…

The hope of the Lord’s coming

6 November 2011

New Creation, Season of Growth, Teaching, Year A

During the month of November, there is a tradition of remembering the dead and praying for them – particularly during the Eucharist. Our liturgy this Sunday provides an opportunity to reflect upon this practice in the light of the Lord’s coming and the judgement. When Paul writes his earliest letter, to the Thessalonians, he still…

Hope of New Creation – 4 (part 1)

26 March 2009

New Creation, Teaching

In this first part of the fourth session, we consider the vexed question of Purgatory, drawing from the insights of Pope Benedict in his 2007 encyclical Spe Salvi. (12’49”) Play MP3

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