11B – 13 June 2021

Silent Seeds

Message by: Fr Richard M Healey

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What can we say the kingdom of God is like?

Ezekiel. Year 597 Babylon attacked Jerusalem. Defeated. King + princes taken into captivity and exiled to Babylon. The puppet king rebelled and tried to create an alliance with Egypt against the Babylonians. Babylon lays siege against Jerusalem and then utterly destroys it and the temple of Solomon in 587BCE.

Ezekiel – series of prophecies against Judah 12-24

  • 17:22-24 about the only message of hope.
  • Small seeds and shoots can be used by God to do mighty great things! The reversal.
  • Small trees will be made to grow; the tall brought down low. Green trees will wither; the withered made green.

God didn’t want Israel because it was the best and greatest and strongest and most powerful. God chose Israel as the smallest + most insignificant. With tenderness God will care for the bush – day and night, sleeping + working. God’s action continues.

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