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There are over 4,000 pages on this website to explore; it offers access to loads of liturgy resources including eBook versions most ritual books, reflections on the weekday and seasonal readings and prayer books. On liturgy.au you’ll also find the eMissal, Australian Lectionary, Liturgy of the Hours and Patristic Lectionary. In addition, you can also download the audio of more than 750 messages / homilies that were preached on Sundays and other feast days since 2008. Plus, there are 100+ recordings of the Sunday Liturgy of the Word using the new draft Lectionary based on the Revised New Jerusalem Bible, plus thousands of movie reviews which are all tagged and linked by genre and theme and 100+ prayers and poems from various traditions across the world.

Latest Messages

11B – 16 June 2024
Small Stuff Matters

Audio Season of Growth | Year B | 2024

10B – 9 June 2024
Shame in the Garden

Audio Season of Growth | Solemnity | Year B | 2024

EPB – 19 May 2024
The Divine Wind

Audio Easter | Solemnity | Year B | 2024

EPV – 18 May 2024
The space for God's work

Audio Easter | Solemnity | Year B | 2024

Sunday Liturgy of the Word

Latest Film Reviews

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