Director: Dean Francis
Starring: Sophie Lowe, Xavier Samuel, Georgina Haig, Rob Morley and David Argue
Distributor: Independent
Runtime: 90 mins. Reviewed in Nov 2011
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Rating notes: Strong violence, blood and gore, sex scene and coarse language

Probably a good idea for an outback Australian horror thriller with ‘supernatural’ touches, but this is something of a derivative show (Duel, Wolf Creek, Highway to Hell…) for straight to DVD and group home watching, the audience egging each other one as it progresses (or regresses) and the ludicrous aspects loom larger. Of course, for this type of film, in the recent slasher thrillers vein, it doesn’t really matter if it is ridiculous.

Two couples are out camping (and the explicit sex scene is in the first five minutes) in beautiful, isolated South Australia. The cast is strong enough to make them a bit more than the cyphers and victims they really are. A Duel-like road train, with a three heads of Cerberus on the front, crashes into them and one by one, they become the victims of the mysterious road train. This can sometimes be bloody and gory. And that’s about it.

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