Something Borrowed

Director: Luke Greenfield
Starring: Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, Ashley Williams
Distributor: Hoyts
Runtime: 114 mins. Reviewed in Nov 2011
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Rating notes: Sexual references and infrequent coarse language

From a novel by Emily Giffen who wrote a sequel, Something Blue … and at the end of this film, we read ‘to be continued’.

That should be good news for the target audience of Something Borrowed (and I don’t think it is a male audience unless they are accompanying wives and girlfriends). Men definitely take back seat in this one.

While Kate Hudson has top billing, this is really a Ginnifer Goodwin film. Kate is Darcy, an extravert and party animal off the page, the best friend since childhood of Ginnifer’s Rachel, now a reputable lawyer. The film opens with Darcy hosting a surprise 30th birthday party for Rachel. And, the initial complication? Darcy is engaged to be married to Dex (Colin Egglesfield) in 61 days. Rachel has had an unadmitted crush on Dex since study days (we are treated to a number of flashbacks to appreciate this) and he is not really over her.

Rachel tries her best but at times it is too hard for her. Dex might look the part, but he is really a coward at heart and dominated in his career, his impending marriage and his choice of home by his father who knows only how to control.

In the background is Rachel’s genial friend, Ethan, an aspiring novelist (John Kraziniski), played with some charm and fine one-liners (‘The Hamptons are a zombie movie designed by Ralph Lauren’). He is also being pursued relentlessly by Darcy’s friend, Claire.

Needless to say, Rachel can’t tell Darcy the truth. Dex can’t get out from under his father’s thumb to do anything to resolve the issues. Ethan goes to England for the editing of his book. Rachel visits him to make a decision.

Taking a cue from French farces, the ending has people hiding in other rooms and overhearing things and leaving their coats in the open so that truth discovery is inevitable.

Kate Hudson is perfect in her over-lively role (and can be rather wearying). Ginnifer Goodwin has to do the acting – but, if only Ethan could get her to make a decision before all the anguish. And, Dex, well good looks are certainly not everything.

The film does show the ups and downs of friendship between the two women quite effectively.

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