Calling Disciples

21 January 2023

Season of Growth, Year A

I asked ChatGPT this prompt: Write a short sermon on Mt 4:12-23 with a focus on the call of the four brothers as a model of discipleship. This is the response: In Matthew 4:12-23, we see the story of Jesus calling four brothers, Simon, also known as Peter, Andrew, James, and John, to be his…

The question of salvation

21 August 2022

Season of Growth, Year C

Sunday 21, in Year C. Jesus continues his road trip from Galilee to Jerusalem, which he begins in Luke 9:51 (eight weeks back on Sunday 13C) – heading for suffering and death. He knows the reality of rejection and disciples dropping off when the novelty wore off. He continues to invite us into God’s greater…

Living with a great soul – making sense of repentance

19 April 2015

Discipleship, Easter, Seasons, Teaching

“In the name of Jesus, repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be preached to all the nations.” The readings this week again invite us to reflect on sin and repentance so that our hearts may burn with love. Jesus the just one, is the sacrifice that takes our sins away – not only ours,…

Beginning of good news in the desert

7 December 2014

Advent, Seasons

As we enter the second Sunday in the season of Advent, we come to the beginning of the Gospel of Mark. The opening line of his Gospel is somewhat curious – it isn’t immediately obvious if it is meant to be a heading or simply the first line. It richly evokes a number of scripture…

Stumbling discipleship

31 August 2014

Discipleship, Season of Growth, Teaching, Year A

You have seduced me O Lord, and I have allowed myself to be seduced. Perhaps Simon, the hero of the Gospel last Sunday, took these words of Jeremiah to heart when after one of his rare triumphs, he so quickly falls from grace. It must have really been something – after being praised so highly…

Love beyond walls

13 May 2012

Discipleship, Easter, Season of Growth, Seasons, Teaching, Year B

In the first century, the standard expression of the Jewish faiths was strongly influenced by the Pharisees, the most populous of the many forms of Jewish sects that were active at the time. Unlike other groups which were often on the fringes of Jewish society or groups such as the Sadducees which were deeply embedded…

Strange ashes

22 February 2012

Lent, Seasons

A lot of the things that we do as a Christian church are kind of strange. If you had never been into a Christian church before, and you happened to wander into this church today – particularly at the end of Mass – and saw several hundred, otherwise ordinary people, who have freely submitted themselves…

Come to the wedding

8 October 2011

Season of Growth, Year A

In this final parable in the trilogy of parables that Jesus addresses to the scribes and elders of the people after his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, Jesus draws on the image of the wedding banquet that Isaiah uses as a reminder that God has been inviting his people to share in the fullness of life…

The road from Emmaus

7 May 2011

Bible, Easter, Seasons, Teaching

This powerful resurrection story is well known and often repeated. It shows the creative power of Luke’s narrative and has intrigued saints and scholars over the centuries. One saint who has a wonderful commentary on the story is St Bede the Venerable, the famous 8th century English historian and doctor of the Church. He brings…

Goat or Calf?

25 March 2011

Discipleship, Teaching

During this Mass for the Anointing of the Sick, the Gospel of Lent week 2 Saturday was from Luke 15 – the parable of the Prodigal Son. We often focus on the younger son, but this brief reflection looks at the older son and compares the two by way of the two animals that the…

Washed in the desert

4 December 2010

Advent, Season of Growth, Seasons, Year A

As we continue our journey through this sacred season of Advent, we are again given the majestic vision of the glory of the Lord bringing peace and unity to all creation – all as the fruit of a small shoot that grows from the root of Jesse. As Christians, we profess that this shoot is…

Freedom and the iPhone 4

26 June 2010

Discipleship, Season of Growth, Teaching, Year C

13th Sunday in the Season of the Year (C) – Setting our face toward the Lord. In the first reading from I Kings, we meet Elijah at the end of his ministry, when his service begins to be more about Elijah than the Lord, so the Lord essentially tells him that his services are no…

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