The Small Stuff Matters

16 June 2024

Season of Growth, Year B

Embracing Growth and Grace Establishing Solid Foundations One of the key points I discussed was the importance of establishing solid foundations before delving into any subject matter. This principle is not only crucial in our spiritual lives but also in our everyday learning processes. The Frustration of Learning Something New We all know the frustration…

Make Disciples

26 May 2024

Solemnity, Year B

Embracing the Journey of Discipleship: A Reflection on the Gospel of Matthew The Significance of Commencement Greetings to all of you, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I am Fr Richard Healey, and today I want to share with you a reflection that has been on my heart. As we gather together in our…

Called and Chosen

5 May 2024


Embracing the Joy and Friendship of God: Lessons from Bishop Peter Today I want to share with you some insights and personal reflections that have shaped my journey of faith. I will be delving into the remarkable influence of the late Bishop Peter Ingham, a man whose love for laughter and God has left an…

Empty Mirror

3 September 2023

Year A

Fr Richard delivers a thought-provoking homily centered around the nature of a mirror and its ability to reverse our way of thinking. Drawing parallels to the ongoing experience of COVID-19 in NSW, the speaker reflects on past lockdowns and the new skills people had to acquire, such as cutting their own hair. Moving on to…

Being Segullah

17 June 2023

Solemnity, Year A

I suspect that when many of us hear this kind of talk about being sent, about being called to go out to be part of the mission of Jesus, that we get very uncomfortable about that. We’re like, yeah, you know, that’s fine for the good sisters; that’s fine, maybe even for those crazy priests…


14 May 2023


The Sixth Sunday in Easter, Year A Play MP3 | Watch video When I was a kid, I kind of grew up with a lot of science fiction as part of my diet, both in reading and and watching TV. And one of the wonderful things about sci-fi is you can kind of imagine almost…

Hope along the road

23 April 2023

Easter, Seasons

Sunday 3 in Easter, Year A In this Catholic Mass, we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Easter with a focus on the Gospel of the road to Emmaus (Luke 24). Join us in exploring the theme of Hope along the road as we reflect on the journey of the disciples on their way to Emmaus….

Hospitality and Discipleship

17 July 2022

Season of Growth, Year C

I like walking, and for many years now have tried to walk around 10km/day. Ideally this is bushwalking, but with our constant rain and flooding, many areas are closed, damaged, or way too muddy for pleasant walking. Instead, I now do lots of urban walking. I enjoy exploring new housing estates that surround our region….

Jesus set his face

26 June 2022

Season of Growth, Year C

Sunday 13 in Year C.Patronal Feast of the Diocese of Wollongong: The Immaculate Heart of Mary First Reading ‡ 1 Kings 19:16.19-21Elisha rose and followed Elijah and became his servant. Responsorial ‡ Psalm 15:1-2.5.7-11You are my inheritance, O Lord. Second Reading ‡ Galatians 5:1.13-18My brothers, you were called to freedom. Gospel ‡ Luke 9:51-62Jesus resolutely…

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