The question of salvation

21 August 2022

Season of Growth, Year C

Sunday 21, in Year C. Jesus continues his road trip from Galilee to Jerusalem, which he begins in Luke 9:51 (eight weeks back on Sunday 13C) – heading for suffering and death. He knows the reality of rejection and disciples dropping off when the novelty wore off. He continues to invite us into God’s greater…

Come and share

3 July 2022

Season of Growth, Year C

In 1966, Christians made up 88.2% of the Australian population. 25 years later in 1991 it was 74%. Another 25 years later in 2016 it had dropped to 52.1%. Now in the just-released data from the 2021 Census, we are no longer a majority Christian nation, with only 43.85% of people identifying as Christians. The…

Moved with Compassion

14 February 2021

Season of Growth, Year B

What is the best way to let everyone know what is going on? Tell one person the news, but ask them to keep it secret! Jesus discovers this in the Gospel today. In the Greek text he is very strong – not just sternly ordered – there is a hint of anger. More than a…

Towers, Armies and Mission

4 September 2016

Discipleship, Season of Growth, Teaching, Year C

Jesus is somewhat uncharacteristic today as he tries to win friends and influence the crowds by declaring that they will not be worthy to be his followers and disciples unless we hate the most significant people in our lives, including ourselves, take up our cross – which means to prepare to die – and give…

Discipleship 3 – Moments of Conversion

3 July 2016

Discipleship, Season of Growth, Series, Teaching, Year C

Jesus today sends out the larger group of his followers to become disciples – those who have learnt from the master and now share in his mission to proclaim that the kingdom of God has drawn near. It is this passage of scripture (Luke 10:1-9) that was the inspiration for the new logo for the…

Called to go on exodus to the others

26 April 2015

Discipleship, Easter, Seasons, Teaching

The image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is one that has endured across the centuries of the Christian Church. The image of the young Jesus as the shepherd bringing home the stray or wounded lamb has been found on the walls of the catacombs, and a statue of the Good Shepherd has also been…

John the witness as humble evangelist

17 January 2015

Season of Growth, Year B

In the Gospel of John, like in the other gospels as well, the figure of John the Baptizer is deeply significant. But here in this gospel, the story and witness of John is interwoven into the magnificent 18 verse prologue. The first section of the gospel then moves onto the testimony that John offered about…

Sharing Talents

16 November 2014

Season of Growth, Year A

The parable of the talents has a number of unusual qualities. Unlike most of the parables, which seem to be aimed at farmers and fishers and other country folk, this parable is aimed at people who are familiar with the workings of a market economy. So while it was good, prudent and standard Jewish practice to…

Longing for a new breath of life in the Holy Spirit

25 May 2014

Easter, Seasons

It can be the case that when we think about the early experience of the Church, that we compress it into a rather monochromatic history. In fact the disciples were probably more like us than we think. Even though Jesus gives them rather clear instructions that they are to wait in Jerusalem upon the Holy…

Thirsting for relationship and meaning

23 March 2014

Lent, Seasons

Thirst is one of those basic human needs that is hard to ignore. When you have worked hard on a hot day, or you have returned from a vigorous run or work-out, or you simply out in the heat of the desert, the need to drink and quench your thirst is usually significant. So, even…

Woe is me yet here I am

10 February 2013

Discipleship, Season of Growth, Teaching, Year C

I consider myself to be rather good at designing and maintaining websites, so perhaps the equivalent scene in today’s gospel (Luke 5:1-11) would be if – for example – Bishop Peter happened to drop into the parish office after a frustrating day of work, where new components or installations were not working on the Diocesan…

Elijah as model of the evangelising church

12 August 2012

Season of Growth, Year B

Today in I Kings 19, we meet a very different Prophet Elijah then perhaps we are more familiar with – especially from the dramatic story that unfolds in the previous chapter when he single handedly takes on the 450 prophets of the false Caananite god Baal and defeats them. This does not please Queen Jezebel…

Hope of New Creation 5

31 March 2009

New Creation, Teaching

The final session in this 5-week course. Building for the kingdom of God – we look at putting the great hope that new creation theology offers us into practice by looking at the areas of justice, beauty and evangelisation. (25’17”) Play MP3

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