Waiting in hope

31 December 2023


Embracing the Journey: Reflections on the Feast of the Holy Family I recently had the chance to delve into a topic that resonates deeply with many of us: the essence of family and the power of faith. Fr Richard Healey offers a profound sermon on the Feast of the Holy Family, a celebration that holds…

Imperfect Family of God

26 December 2020

Christmas, Season of Growth, Seasons, Year B

I must confess a certain dis-ease in celebrating the feast of the holy family each year. Although it is a wonderful thing to do, there is a certain degree of disconnect and contrast between the seemingly perfect example of the Holy Family and the lived reality of most people. When you zoom back out from…

The Holy Dysfunctional Family

27 December 2015

Christmas, Seasons

Flowing directly out of the celebration of Christmas this year we have the opportunity to reflect upon not only the holy family of Nazareth, but also our own conceptions and ideas of family. In my case, I know that many of my most basic understandings of family came from comparing the idealised image of family…

Delight Connect Worship

1 December 2013

Advent, Seasons

The first image that we are presented with on this first Sunday in the season of Advent and the new Year of Matthew is from chapter 2 of the Prophet Isaiah. All the nations are streaming up to Mount Zion – but rather than the historical reality of the armies of the surrounding nations laying…

Holy family saints

30 December 2012

Christmas, Seasons

When you drive around in Sydney’s south-west, with all the road-works around, you are bombarded by an increasing array of signs – some permanent, some portable, some flashing and variable. Road signs can help you to know what the speed limit is, or if there is a sharp corner looming, or a change in the…

Family Models

26 December 2010

Christmas, Seasons

On the feast of the Holy Family, we are presented with various images and models of family. St Paul encourages us to be clothed in love as we allow the message of Christ to find a home within us. In the gospel, St Matthew in Herod and Joseph gives us two figures that provide powerful…

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