Hebrew Bible

Telling the Right Story

3 February 2024

Year B

Unveiling the Layers of Scripture: A Journey Through Context and Wisdom Fr Richard Healey shared invaluable insights into the art of interpreting scripture, particularly focusing on the Gospel of Mark. I am excited to share with you the essence of this episode, transforming the spoken word into written wisdom, and invite you to join me…

The two become one

2 October 2021

Season of Growth, Year B

Divorce is one of the sad realities of our world. There are very few families that have not been touched by the heartache of separation and divorce. I suspect that my immediate family where my parents and my four siblings are all in multi-decade first marriages makes us rather unusual. The reality is that making…

The world through eyes of love

14 March 2021

Lent, Season of Growth, Seasons, Year B

In our English Bibles we follow the order of the old Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. Divided into 4 sections – Pentateuch, History, Wisdom and Prophets. But the Hebrew Bible itself places the various books of the Biblical library together in a different way, using just 3 main sections: Torah, Nevi’ im and Ketuvim…

Proclaim life

7 February 2021

Bible, Season of Growth, Teaching, Year B

This Sunday is Sunday of the Word of God (celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday in February), where Pope Francis invites the whole Church to encounter God and get to know Jesus through reading the Word. The Bible is not an easy read. It contains many different styles, including narrative/story, poetry and discourse. It…

A God who is rich in mercy

15 March 2015

Lent, Seasons

Beginnings and endings are always significant. How you start a story – and how you end a story create so much of the impact of the whole story. We know well how the Bible begins – “In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth…” (Gen 1:1) We might even know how the…

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