Invitation to Paradise

20 November 2022

Season of Growth, Solemnity, Year C

The Solemnity of Jesus the Christ, the King of the Universe First Reading ‡ 2 Samuel 5:1-3 They anointed David king of Israel. Responsorial ‡ Psalm 121:1-5 Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord. Second Reading ‡ Colossians 1:12-20 He has taken us into the kingdom of his beloved Son. Gospel ‡…


13 November 2021

Season of Growth, Year B

Sunday 33, Year B.Daniel 12:1-3; Mark 13:24-32Play MP3Watch video Our final reading from the Gospel of Mark for the year (next week – John 18).Mark 13 is challenging. Filled with references from the Hebrew Bible. If you don’t get those, you will be confused and probably get the meaning wrong. In our culture ‘apocalyptic’ means…

New exodus worship

6 May 2013

Bible, Teaching

One of the challenges of anyone attempting to read through the Bible are the encounters with the chapters that contain bizarre laws or content that seems to offer no significant spiritual content. For example, if you start with the book of Genesis, the pace and scope of the narrative will carry you through the book…

Revealing mercy

8 April 2013

Bible, Easter, Seasons, Teaching

I love going to the movies. There is something great about being in a dark theatre, waiting for the curtain to open and the movie to ‘roll’ so that you can be transported into another world. One of the most memorable experiences of this is almost twenty years ago, during my first trip overseas. It…

Shining lights in darkness

20 November 2012

Season of Growth, Year B

The final Sundays in the liturgical year always feature readings that are drawn from the more apocalyptic readings in the scriptures. Drawing from the mini-Apocalypse of Mark 13, our Gospel this Sunday has often confused people. Indeed Mark suggests that people may well misunderstand it, when he adds the note to the reader in verse…

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