Passion Sunday – Year B

In this familiar story we can forget the dramatic elements of this most powerful story and not allow the drama to impact upon us. Mark’s Gospel (chapters 14-15) provides many unique points, including the woman with the smashed alabastar jar of costly ointment, the singing of songs of praise and the young man wearing only a linen garment (Gk: sindona) which is the baptismal garment. But rather than being a follower of Jesus, he allows the garment to be torn from his body and runs away naked. What we sometimes forget, is that in Mark 16:5, another young man appears, also wearing the white garment – but this time he bears witness to the resurrection of Jesus. This offers us a magnificent insight into the place of giving our all to the Lord in worship – knowing that even if we sometimes run away from our witness, in the Lord we are given a second chance to bear witness to him. Thanks to Fr Robert Barron (Word on Fire) once again for the insights.

Recorded at St Michael’s, Nowra, 9.30am (8’15”)

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The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark. A reading of the passion story by eight voices at St Michael’s Nowra, 9.30am Mass (16’00”)

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