Timely weddings

kairos‘Nuptial imagery rings through the bible like peals of wedding bells’ (Bishop Tom Wright)

Today we have the fourth of the great epiphanies – when the true identity of Jesus is revealed. Although it may be tempting to imagine the scene of the wedding at Cana as a contrast between the stale water of Judaism and the good wine of Christianity, the Beloved Disciple has overlayed so many rich images in this simple story that we need to go deeper to find the meaning for us. One of the striking elements is the fact that it seems this was not going to be the moment when Jesus chose to reveal himself, but as the result of the persistence of his mother (who was the primary wedding guest – Jesus was the +1) the planned schedule that Jesus was following (the chronos) was interrupted and this wedding became a kairos moment, when he revealed himself and his glory as the first of seven (or eight?) signs.

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Recorded at NET training, Weyba Downs, Qld (11’09”)

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