Treasures of standing ready

19c-treasureOnly faith…
We have a selection from the magnificent reflection on faith that is Hebrews chapter 11. Today we hear the stories of Abraham and Sarah, who trusted in a God who they barely knew to set out for a land that they did not know, among a people that they did not know, trusting somehow – despite all the human evidence to the contrary – that God would be faithful and provide them not just with a child, but with a nation of descendants. Such faith is not easy to have. Such faith challenges us to not remain in the mere curiosity of faith, but to be deeply committed to all that God has prepared for us.

The Gospel continues the encounter with the man who asked Jesus to intervene in a property dispute with his brother, which provoked the parable of the man who needed a larger barn. Today the Gospel calls us to trust and believe in the goodness and providence of God. Again – things that are not easy to do when our whole society is built on a foundation of anxiety.

Recorded at St Paul’s, 6pm (6mins)
Sunday 19, Year C. Hebrews 11; Luke 12:32-40


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