Bags of Gold

Sunday 33 in Year A

The Power of Conversations and the Parable of Talents

Fr Richard Healey shares his insights on two contrasting conversations he had with fellow priests, which was both enlightening and deeply thought-provoking. It revolved around the Gospel reading about the parable of the bags of gold, also known as the parable of talents.

The Parable of Talents: A Deeper Understanding

Richard began by explaining the context of the word “talent” in the Gospel reading. A talent, he clarified, was a measure of weight in ancient times, and its value varied depending on the material – brass, silver, or gold. To put it into perspective, five bags of gold would be worth about $5 million today.

However, Richard emphasised that the parable’s message goes beyond the realm of business acumen or financial success. Jesus, through this parable, was teaching about the importance of relationships and friendship. He wanted his disciples to understand that they should share the treasure of knowing God and the love they have experienced.

The Power of Conversations: A Personal Reflection

Richard then delved into his personal experiences, sharing how two intense conversations with his fellow priests had impacted him. One conversation was rich and encouraging, while the other was disturbing and challenging. These discussions affected his sleep and made him ponder their implications.

Richard highlighted the power of conversations, stating that they can either encourage and build us up or tear us down. They can remind us of the treasure it is to be a friend of the Lord or undermine our ability to share that love with others.

Encouraging Risk-Taking and Sharing the Good News

Richard encouraged the congregation to be people who take risks, engage in conversations, and share the good news and love of God. He emphasized the need to invite others into our lives and not settle for burying our talents.

He urged us to be open, to share our experiences, and to use our talents to spread the love of God. This, he explained, is the true interpretation of the parable of talents. It’s not about hoarding wealth, but about sharing our spiritual riches with others.


Richard offered a powerful reminder of the importance of our interactions with others and the impact they can have on our lives. It also shed light on the true meaning of the parable of talents, urging us to share our spiritual wealth and not bury it.

As we navigate through life, let’s remember to use our talents to spread love, engage in enriching conversations, and invite others to experience the love of God. After all, these are the treasures that truly matter.

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