Living with Integrity

Sunday 31 in Year A

Embracing Integrity and Grace: A Reflection on Christianity and Spirituality

A Personal Journey into the Heart of Faith

Last night I attended the engagement celebration for my niece in Nowra. As a deacon and assistant priest in the church, I had the honour of being closely acquainted with the groom’s family. This experience, along with my role in the church, has given me a unique perspective on the nature of Christianity and spirituality, which I’d like to share with you today.

The Importance of Integrity

One of the key themes that emerged during this celebration was the importance of integrity. Integrity, as I’ve come to understand it, is about living a life that aligns with one’s inner values. It’s about being true to oneself, and by extension, being true to God. This is a concept that resonates deeply with me, and I believe it’s a crucial aspect of our spiritual journey.

Christianity: A Response to God’s Love and Grace

In my reflections, I’ve come to realise that Christianity is not about following rituals and rules to become worthy. Instead, it’s about responding to God’s love and grace. This is a profound shift in perspective that I believe can transform our understanding of faith. It’s not about striving to earn God’s love, but about accepting the love that is already freely given to us.

The Teachings of Jesus and Finding Life in God

The teachings of Jesus have always emphasized the importance of finding one’s life in God. This is a concept that I’ve been exploring in my own life and in my role as a deacon and assistant priest. It’s about surrendering our own desires and ambitions and allowing God to guide our path. It’s about finding our purpose and fulfillment in God, rather than in worldly pursuits.

An Invitation to a Life of Freedom and Grace

In my journey of faith, I’ve felt a deep call from God, inviting me into a life of freedom and grace. This is a call that I believe is extended to all of us. It’s an invitation to let go of our fears and insecurities and to embrace the love and grace that God offers. It’s about being open to God and allowing Him to work within us.

In conclusion, my experience at the family engagement celebration and my reflections on my role as a deacon and assistant priest have deepened my understanding of Christianity and spirituality. I encourage all of you, my listeners, to reflect on these insights and to consider how you can respond to God’s love and grace in your own life. Remember, it’s not about following rules and rituals, but about embracing a life of integrity, freedom, and grace.

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