A Prayer for Mothers

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Loving God, thank you for the gift of motherhood.
We ask your blessing to be upon all those who are called “Mum”
and for those who still wait to be a Mum.

Thank you for the numerous spiritual children
you have given to so many “spiritual mums” and mentors.

Fill this day with favour and grace as we honour all mothers.

We ask for comfort for those who are grieving loss and heartache, especially the loss of a child on this day.

We ask for strength for those who wait for children to come back home. We pray in gratitude for all our mothers who have died
and wait for the new heavens and new earth.

We ask for healing for those who have been hurt by relationships that were intended to be loving and nurturing.

We ask for faith for those who will someday be Mums,
who find themselves on a journey that seems so hard.

We ask for great encouragement and grace to cover those who have made a brave and loving choice for adoption.

We ask for incredible provision and care over every single parent mum who works so hard on behalf of her children.

We pray for those women who, though they do not have physical children, have the gift of being amazing hope-bringers to many spiritual children they’ve been blessed to nurture through these years.

Loving God, we thank you, for the gift of life.

Today we pray for refreshing, for joy, for grace, for wisdom,
for great peace… for all mothers, for mums to be,
and for women who nurture and lead.

In the precious name of Jesus our Lord: Amen.

Based on a prayer by Debbie McDaniel

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