Act of Consecration to Our Lady of Bonaria

Act of Consecration to Our Lady of Bonaria *

Blessed Virgin and Our Lady of Bonaria,
to you, with so much trust,
I consecrate each of your children.
You know us and we know that you love us very much.

Today, after having adored your Son Jesus Christ,
our elder brother and our God,
I ask you to turn your gaze on everyone and everyone.

Please for every family
in this city and this region:

I invoke you for children and young people,
for the elderly and for the sick;
for those who are alone,
and for those who are in prison;
for those who are hungry,
and for those who have no work;
for those who have lost hope,
and for those who have no faith.
I also beg you for rulers and educators.

Our Mother, guard everyone with tenderness
and give us your strength
and so much consolation.
We are your children:
we place ourselves under your protection.

Do not leave us alone in times of pain and trial.
Let us trust in your motherly heart
and consecrate to you all that we are and possess.
And above all, very sweet Mother, show us Jesus
and teach us to do always and only what He will tell us.


Act of consecration to Our Lady of Bonaria (Cagliari, 22 September 2013)


Pope Francis

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