Blessing of Fathers

God our creator and Father,
you entrusted your son Jesus,
the child of Mary, to an earthly father
in the care of Joseph.

Bless all fathers: living, unknown and deceased,
and bring forgiveness where it is needed.

May God help fill the void when fathers
are physically or emotionally absent or die.

May the God of strength be with all
fathers and grandfathers,
as well as godfathers, and father-figures,
holding them in strong hands.

May you be strength to those in your life.

May God’s tenderness shine through you,
to warm all who are hurt and lonely.

May the God of mercy be with you,
forgiving you, beckoning you, encouraging you.

May your readiness to forgive
calm the fears and deepen the trust of all in your life.

May the God of wonder be with you,
delighting you, enchanting your senses,
filling your heart, giving you wide-open eyes
for seeing the splendour in the humble and the majestic.

May you open the eyes and hands and hearts
of the blind and the deaf and the indifferent.

May the God of wisdom and love be with you,
lighting within you the fires of faith and hope.

And may the grace and peace of our God
fill you on this and every day.

Author unknown.

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