Prayer for Grandparents and Elders

Loving God, thank you for our grandparents,
those who care for us, those who are like grandparents to us,
and those we look up to.

We have been enriched by having them in our lives.
We are grateful for their guidance, care, and love
and the many opportunities of growth, joy, and comfort.

Jesus, bless all grandparents, elderly friends, carers, and mentors
– especially during this period of lockdown and isolation –
for they are special people in our lives.

You said to your disciples, “I am with you always.”
We pray that you continue to be with them,
especially in times of frailty and ageing, in times of joy and new life.

Keep them hopeful and happy,
and may their hearts remain open to your love.

Lord, remember our loved ones who have died and are in your loving care.
May they delight in your presence and love
and their memory remain in our hearts and lives. For them we are grateful!

Keep us all safe at this time, and draw us closer into your loving presence
through the work and gift of Jesus your Son,
and in the power of your holy Spirit.


Prayer sourced and adapted from St Declan's, Penshurst.

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