Prayer to Mary, Mother of silence

Prayer to Mary, Mother of silence*

Mother of silence, who watches over the mystery of God,
Save us from the idolatry of the present time,
to which those who forget are condemned.
Purify the eyes of Pastors with the eye-wash of memory:
Take us back to the freshness of the origins,
for a prayerful, penitent Church.

Mother of the beauty that blossoms
from faithfulness to daily work,
Lift us from the torpor of laziness,
pettiness, and defeatism.
Clothe Pastors in the compassion that unifies,
that makes whole;
let us discover the joy of a humble,
brotherly, serving Church.

Mother of tenderness who envelops us in patience and mercy,
Help us burn away the sadness,
impatience and rigidity of those
who do not know what it means to belong.

Intercede with your Son to obtain that our hands,
our feet, our hearts be agile:
let us build the Church with the Truth of love.
Mother, we shall be the People of God,
pilgrims bound for the Kingdom.


*Prayer to Mary after the Profession of Faith with the Bishops of the Italian Episcopal Conference (23 May 2013)

Pope Francis

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