Prayer to the Lord – Lord God look down upon us

Prayer to the Lord*

Lord God look down upon us!
Look at this city, this island.
Look upon our families.
Lord, you were not without a job,
you were a carpenter, you were happy.
Lord, we have no work.

The idols want to rob us of our dignity.
The unjust systems want to rob us of hope.
Lord, do not leave us on our own.
Help us to help each other;
so that we forget our selfishness a little
and feel in our heart the “we”,
the we of a people who want to keep on going.

Lord Jesus, you were never out of work,
give us work and teach us to fight for work
and bless us all.
In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


*Prayer to the Lord at the conclusion of the meeting with workers (Cagliari, 22 September 2013)

Pope Francis

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