Return from Exile

Advent Sunday 2 in Year B

Finding Peace and Unity in Exile: A Reflection on Personal Hardships and Natural Disasters


Today I explore the concept of exile, drawing parallels to personal hardships and natural disasters that disrupt our normal activities. This blog post is a reflection on that episode, where I discussed the historical exile of the people of Jerusalem and the lessons we can draw from their experiences.

Exile: A Historical Perspective

The episode began with a historical recounting of the people of Jerusalem facing exile when the Babylonians destroyed their city and the surrounding lands. The Babylonians, in their quest for power, not only destroyed the city but also killed the king’s family, leaving the people in a state of despair and devastation. This was a period of intense hardship, a time when normal activities were disrupted, and the people were forced to live in exile in Babylon.

The Joy of Returning

Despite the hardships, the people of Jerusalem held onto hope. Their joy knew no bounds when the Babylonians were finally conquered by the Medes and Persians, marking the end of their exile. The return to the promised land was not just a physical journey but also a spiritual one. The rebuilding of the walls and temple in Jerusalem symbolized a return to their roots, their culture, and their faith.

The Importance of Repentance

I emphasised the importance of repentance during these challenging times. The people of Jerusalem, during their exile, realized the need to return to a place of peace and unity with God. This was a time for them to reflect on their actions, repent, and seek forgiveness. It was a time to let go of distractions and allow God to invite them back into His presence and life.

Applying the Lessons to Our Lives

I encouraged my listeners to reflect on their own ‘exiles’ – the personal hardships and natural disasters that have disrupted their lives. Just like the people of Jerusalem, we too can find joy in returning to our ‘promised land’ – a place of peace and unity with God.

Conclusion: A Call to Reflection

As we continue the season of Advent, I urge you, my listeners and readers, to spend time reflecting on your own experiences of exile. Seek a return to a place of peace and unity with God. Let this be a time of repentance, of letting go of distractions, and of inviting God back into your life. Remember, no matter the hardships we face, there is always the promise of a return, of rebuilding, and of finding peace and unity once again.

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