The New Covenant Hour

Lent, Sunday 5, Year A

Creating Space for Intimacy with God: A Lenten Reflection

Tidying Up the Soul: A Journey to Spiritual Clarity

An experience of delving into the essence of Lent and what it means to truly create space for intimacy with God. I share a personal narrative that I believe resonates with many of us on our faith journey. It began with something as mundane as organizing my living space, but it unfolded into a much deeper reflection on the state of my spiritual environment.

After returning from a trip, I found myself in the midst of a thorough cleaning spree. I was clearing out my bedroom and office to make way for new floorboards. There’s something deeply satisfying about achieving a well-structured and tidy environment. It’s not just about the physical act of cleaning but about the mental and emotional clarity that comes with it.

Longing for Divine Intimacy: Insights from the Gospel

This act of organizing my space became a metaphor for the spiritual longing I’ve been contemplating throughout the season of Lent. In the previous weeks’ Gospel readings, there’s a recurring theme of a deep yearning for intimacy with God. I reflected on the call of the covenant to Noah, Abraham’s profound devotion to his son Isaac, and the giving of the law at Mount Sinai. Each of these stories encapsulates a desire to know and be close to the Divine.

In the historical context of these readings, we’re reminded of the impending destruction of Jerusalem and the hope expressed by the prophet Jeremiah. There’s a palpable longing to know God directly and intimately, beyond just external teachings or instructions. This is where Jesus’ ministry becomes pivotal. He invites people to experience the wonder of God through healings, signs, and wonders, offering a direct encounter with the Divine.

The Arrival of the Moment: Embracing the Outsiders

One of the most striking moments in the Gospel passage I discussed is when foreigners and pagans come to Jesus. This signifies a pivotal moment in the fulfillment of the longing for intimacy with God. It’s a powerful image: those who were once considered outsiders are now welcomed into the fold. Jesus declares that the hour has come for all to experience intimacy with God, breaking down barriers and extending an invitation to everyone, regardless of their background.

Letting Go to Let God In: The Path to Intimacy

In conclusion, I encouraged my listeners to make space for God in their lives. This isn’t just about physical decluttering; it’s about a spiritual letting go, surrendering, and dying to oneself. It’s in this space of emptiness and vulnerability that we can truly experience the tenderness and intimacy of life with God.

As we journey through Lent, I invite you to reflect on your own life. Where can you clear out space to deepen your relationship with God? How can you let go of the clutter that keeps you from experiencing divine intimacy? Remember, it’s in the quiet moments of surrender that we often find the profound connection we’ve been longing for.

In sharing these insights and personal experiences, I hope to inspire you to seek and cherish the universal longing for intimacy with God. It’s a journey that transcends the physical and enters the realm of the spiritual, where true fulfillment is found in the loving embrace of the Divine.

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