The resurrection body

Easter 3 (Year B)

In Luke’s Gospel (24:35-48) we see the disciples gathered together, sharing stories of their encounters with the risen Lord – but still without the foggiest idea what it all means. One wonders whether we have a much better idea, even after 20 centuries of theological and spiritual reflection. Jesus seems to want them to grasp as fully as they can what the resurrected body was like – not like a ghost because it could be seen, touched and can eat – and yet so different from everything that they know now. This is the fruit of God’s sovereign work – no less than God’s act in creation itself. And Jesus is not the first and only example – he is first sign for all creation of what God intends to do for us who believe and place our lives into the hands of God. The fruit of this marriage of heaven-and-earth is available to us right now – when we receive the forgiveness of Jesus in repentance and share that gift with others through reconciliation. This is the great gift of Easter!

Recorded at Sacred Heart, 9.30am (8’24”)

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