Understanding Loneliness

  • A biblical and anthropological look at loneliness

www.geodun.comThis talk was given to a group of young adults in Wollongong, in response to a request to look at why in an age of widespread online social networks, so many young people still experience profound loneliness.

The talk first looks at the biblical background to the concept of friendship, fellowship, loyalty and relationships – where they suceed and where they fail.

The talk concludes with the insights of Professor Robin Dunbar who has studied primates and early human societies to look at the brain science of friendship and its limitations.

While listening to the audio of the talk, it will be helpful to either look at the notes (available in PDF format) or better to look at the PowerPoint presentation (which I will refer to during the talk). The talk concluded with an open discussion, most of which is included in the audio.

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