Acts – a reading

The Revised New Jerusalem Bible

The Acts of the Apostles; or, the Acts of King Jesus; or, the Acts of the Holy Spirit.

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Chapter 1

Prologue; the Ascension.
I. THE CHURCH IN JERUSALEM – The group of apostles; Judas is replaced

Chapter 2

Pentecost; Peter’s address to the crowd; The first conversions; The early Christian community.

Chapter 3

The cure of a lame man; Peter’s address to the people.

Chapter 4

Peter and John before the council; The apostles’ prayer under persecution; The early Christian community; The generosity of Barnabas.

Chapter 5

The fraud of Ananias and Sapphira; The general situation; The apostles’ arrest and miraculous deliverance; A summons to appear before the council; Gamaliel’s intervention.

Chapter 6

II. THE EARLIEST MISSIONS: The institution of the Seven; Stephen’s arrest.

Chapter 7

Stephen’s speech; The stoning of Stephen. Saul as persecutor.

Chapter 8

Philip in Samaria; Simon the magician; Philip baptises an official.

Chapter 9

The conversion of Saul; Saul’s preaching at Damascus; Saul’s visit to Jerusalem; Peter cures a paralytic at Lydda; Peter raises a woman to life at Joppa.

Chapter 10

Peter visits a Roman centurion; Peter’s address in the house of Cornelius; The first gentile baptisms.

Chapter 11

Jerusalem: Peter justifies his conduct; Foundation of the church of Antioch; Barnabas and Saul sent as deputies to Jerusalem.

Chapter 12

Peter’s arrest and miraculous deliverance; The death of the persecutor; Barnabas and Saul return to Antioch.

Chapter 13

The mission sent out; Cyprus: the magician Elymas; They arrive at Antioch in Pisidia; Paul’s preaching before the Jews; Paul and Barnabas preach to the gentiles

Chapter 14

Iconium evangelised; Healing of a crippled man; End of the mission.

The following chapters will be added during the 2024 Easter season…

Chapter 15

Controversy at Antioch and Jerusalem; Peter’s speech; James’s speech; The apostolic letter; The delegates at Antioch.
IV. PAUL’S MISSIONS – Paul separates from Barnabas and recruits Silas

Chapter 16

Lycaonia: Paul recruits Timothy; The crossing into Asia Minor; Arrival at Philippi; Imprisonment of Paul and Silas; The miraculous deliverance of Paul and Silas.

Chapter 17

Thessalonica: difficulties with the Jews; Fresh difficulties at Beroea; Paul in Athens; Paul’s speech before the council of the Areopagus.

Chapter 18

Foundation of the church of Corinth; The Jews take Paul to court; Return to Antioch and departure for the third journey; Apollos.

Chapter 19

The disciples of John at Ephesus; Foundation of the church of Ephesus; The Jewish exorcists.
V. THE END OF PAUL’S MISSIONARY JOURNEYS – A PRISONER FOR CHRIST. Paul’s plans; Ephesus: the silversmiths’ riot.

Chapter 20

Paul leaves Ephesus; Troas: Paul raises a dead man to life; From Troas to Miletus;; Farewell to the elders of Ephesus.

Chapter 21

The journey to Jerusalem; Paul’s arrival in Jerusalem; Paul’s arrest.

Chapter 22

Paul’s address to the Jews of Jerusalem; Paul the Roman citizen; His appearance before the council.

Chapter 23

The conspiracy of the Jews against Paul; Paul transferred to Caesarea.

Chapter 24

The case before Felix; Paul’s speech before the Roman governor; Paul’s captivity at Caesarea.

Chapter 25

Paul appeals to Caesar; Paul appears before King Agrippa.

Chapter 26

Paul’s speech before King Agrippa; His hearers’ reactions.

Chapter 27

The departure for Rome; Storm and shipwreck.

Chapter 28

Waiting in Malta; From Malta to Rome; Paul makes contact with the Roman Jews; Paul’s declaration to the Roman Jews; Epilogue.

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