Being Found

Sunday 24, Year C

3 Parables of Joy. Finding what was lost. Jesus hosts the tax collectors & sinners as his special, honoured guests.

The accusation thrown against Jesus regularly – behold a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners. A refrain. When we hear a set of parables like this, where are we seated? Are we happy to be with the Tax Collectors and Sinners or are we in the better seats, with the religiously observant pharisees & scribes?

What do we call these parables?

  • The lost sheep ⇒ the found sheep
  • The lost coin ⇒ the found coin
  • The prodigal son ⇒ the loving father.
  • ⇒ All of the stories end with a party!

Music & dancing attracted the older brother and offended him.

Let the prodigal return to bread + water (not a fatted calf), wearing sackcloth (not the finest robes), ashes (not a ring on his finger) + tears (not new sandals) while kneeling down in penitence.

The Father loves both sons + goes out to both. He is generous to both.

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