Room for us 2

26 December 2023


A Reflection on the Nativity Scene The Humility and Vulnerability of Jesus The birth of Jesus is a story of humility and vulnerability. Born in a manger, surrounded by animals, Jesus’ birth was far from the royal entrance one might expect for a king. This humble beginning makes Jesus more approachable and relatable. It’s a…

Room for us

24 December 2023


The Humble Birth of Jesus: A Reflection on the Significance of Christmas The Gospel of John and the Letter to Titus As a podcaster and a spiritual guide, I recently had the opportunity to delve into the profound significance of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. During a religious service, I found myself reflecting on…

Advent Hope

2 December 2023


Embracing the Season of Advent: A Journey of Hope, Sin, and Transformation Understanding the Significance of Advent As a priest and a religious leader, I often find myself answering questions about the season of Advent. Many people are confused about its significance, often drawing parallels with Lent and the traditions associated with it. However, Advent…

Living in Integrity

12 February 2023

Season of Growth, Year A

Sunday 6, Year A. First Reading ‡ Sirach 15:15-20He never commanded anyone to be godless. Responsorial ‡ Psalm 118:1-2.4-5.17-18.33-34Happy are they who follow the law of the Lord! Second Reading ‡ 1 Corinthians 2:6-10God in his wisdom predestined our glory before the ages began. Gospel [longer form] ‡ Matthew 5:17-37Such was said to your ancestors;…

Advent Questions

10 December 2022

Advent, Seasons

Third Sunday in Advent, Year A. John began his ministry as we saw last week with a very clear idea about where he sat, where he fitted within the broad spectrum of Jewish life and indeed of what we call salvation history. His sense that like Elijah that he clearly knew the kind of model…

Advent Hope

27 November 2022

Advent, Year A

Advent – Welcome! From the Greek word “parousia”, meaning arrival or coming: ready or not! 4 full weeks this year with Christmas on a Sunday. The longest it can be. Next year, with Christmas on a Monday, it is the shortest (3 weeks and 1 day). Won’t have Christmas on a Sunday again until 2033….

Being Found

11 September 2022

Season of Growth, Year C

Sunday 24, Year C 3 Parables of Joy. Finding what was lost. Jesus hosts the tax collectors & sinners as his special, honoured guests. The accusation thrown against Jesus regularly – behold a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners. A refrain. When we hear a set of parables like this,…

Living with a great soul – making sense of repentance

19 April 2015

Discipleship, Easter, Seasons, Teaching

“In the name of Jesus, repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be preached to all the nations.” The readings this week again invite us to reflect on sin and repentance so that our hearts may burn with love. Jesus the just one, is the sacrifice that takes our sins away – not only ours,…

Good goats did it for me

23 November 2014

Season of Growth, Solemnity, Year A

Bad sheep and good goats Justice is something that we learn very early as children. We have this strong instinct for when something doesn’t just seem to be fair. Perhaps as a result, justice is one of the most profound longings of the human race. When there is no justice, then…

Sharing Talents

16 November 2014

Season of Growth, Year A

The parable of the talents has a number of unusual qualities. Unlike most of the parables, which seem to be aimed at farmers and fishers and other country folk, this parable is aimed at people who are familiar with the workings of a market economy. So while it was good, prudent and standard Jewish practice to…

Blinded by disturbed shalom

30 March 2014

Lent, Seasons

The magnificent story of the healing of the man born blind occupies the whole of chapter 9 of St John’s gospel – although the miracle itself only takes two verses to tell; the controversy around the healing takes the other 39 verses. The first question that arises and which continues through the drama as it…

Worship and Temptation

17 February 2013

Lent, Seasons

On the first Sunday of Lent each year, we remember why we journey through the wilderness for forty days when we hear about the journey of Jesus – driven by the holy Spirit into the desert – for forty days of prayer and encounter with God. We must first note that temptation should not only…

Grace and weakness

7 July 2012

Season of Growth, Year B

The disciples in the gospel of Mark are at times amazed and astonished by the work and ministry of Jesus. Here, when Jesus makes his way back home to Nazareth, there is more amazement and astonishment – but not in the good way. The people think they know Jesus – they grew up with him…

Centre of history

24 June 2012


One of the deepest deficiencies of our current age is that our religious education presents the person of Jesus and the teaching of Christianity as if they existed in splendid historical isolation. You experience this in part with the tendency to focus only on the stories of Jesus – the parables and the mighty deed…

Seated at the right hand of the Father

20 May 2012

Easter, Seasons

The Feast of the Ascension can strike us a quite bizarre affair – especially to one who grew up on a diet of science-fiction and imagined that Jesus somehow managed to add flying and living outside of the atmosphere to his walking-on-water and multiplying food – as well as raising the dead and getting through…


4 December 2011

Advent, New Creation, Season of Growth, Seasons, Teaching, Year B

Literature in the classical world was often concerned to set the scene and provide an overview of the whole text from the very first line of the text. When we come to a text like the Gospel of Mark, we may be tempted to pass over the opening line of the Gospel – which we…

Images of sin in Isaiah

27 November 2011

Advent, Seasons

As we begin the new liturgical year and this new season of Advent, it is fruitful to consider the readings that the Church presents to us on this first Sunday, because it sets the agenda for the whole of the season and the year. It has been said that if Christmas were removed from the…

Betrayal, lies and grace

17 April 2011

Easter, Seasons

The Palm Sunday liturgy crams an amazing array of emotions into an hour – from the jubilation of the triumphant entry into Jerusalem to the heartbreak and desolation of betrayal, sleep, violence, cowardice, lies, false witness, racial abuse, denial, pride, anger – the reality of so much human sin on display. It is precisely into…

Dining and dying with sinners

28 March 2010

Lent, Seasons

Palm Sunday = Passion Sunday (Year C) The criminal on the neighbouring cross cried out – ‘This man has done nothing wrong’. Pilate had a sign attached to the cross above the head Jesus – as was the custom in the Roman Empire, to provide the charge that had been made against the victim of…

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