Hope of New Creation 1 – A new heaven and a new earth

above-the-cloudWith Revelation 21 being the second reading for the next two weeks moving into Ascension and Pentecost, it seemed like the appropriate time to begin a new teaching series on the Hope of New Creation. So over the next four weeks, we will explore the nature of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Paradise, Resurrection and the Last Things. As usual, copies of the screen presentations will also be made available in addition to the audio of the talks.

The first step is to set the scene. The vision that is clearly presented in Revelation 21:1-5 is not of naked souls escaping from the earth to be with God in some far-away heaven, but of the heavenly city (and the church) descending (some might say crashing) to the earth. If you think about it, this vision is necessary for death to finally be defeated. If after death our bodies are left to rot away in graves, then redemption is only offering a new description of death – not the defeat of death. It is only if we believe in the resurrection of our bodies that Easter offers us a true and lasting hope.

Recorded at St Paul’s, AP, 9.30am (19 mins)
Easter 5, Year C.

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