Hope of New Creation 2 – Purgatory and Hell

HNC2Moving into the second week of this series, we need to look at the question of what happens in the moment of death and the personal judgement that each person receives before God. What are the possible options regarding our judgement, what are the possible destinations, and how long does the process of purification take place? What about hell – if it exists, what is the criteria for a person to go there and what is it like?

Today is an extended reflection on the Encyclical letter of Pope Benedict XVI from 2007, On Christian Hope (Spe Salvi). Copies of the relevant section were made available, as were the whole text. You can also find a notes document that includes all of the relevant scriptures, sections from the Catechism, other church teaching and links to writings from the Fathers of the Church.

Recorded at St Paul’s, 7.30am (20 mins)
E6C Sunday 6, Easter, Year C.

Video Reflection: Dan Stevers, Evermore

Notes: PowerPoint Slides
Spe Salvi – commentary and extract (2 pages)
Spe Salvi – full text
Hell and Purgatory in scripture and church teaching


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