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Christmas Day

The Humble Birth of Jesus: A Reflection on the Significance of Christmas

The Gospel of John and the Letter to Titus

As a podcaster and a spiritual guide, I recently had the opportunity to delve into the profound significance of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. During a religious service, I found myself reflecting on the Gospel of John and the letter to Titus, two powerful pieces of scripture that offer a unique perspective on the life and teachings of Jesus.

The Word Becoming Flesh

The opening lines of the prologue to the Gospel of John describe the Word becoming flesh. This concept is central to understanding the life of Jesus and the message he brought to the world. Despite being born in poverty and humble circumstances, symbolized by the manger, Jesus was not afraid of outsiders, sinners, or those who didn’t fit in.

I recall a cartoon that humorously depicts Jesus being born surrounded by “bullshit,” symbolizing the challenges and difficulties he would face throughout his life. This image serves as a stark reminder of the harsh realities Jesus was born into, yet it also highlights his resilience and determination.

The Acceptance of Imperfection

One of the most powerful truths that I drew from these scriptures is that we don’t have to be perfect or have everything figured out to be acceptable to God. Jesus chose to be born among us, experiencing all the ordinary aspects of human life, except for denying God. He experienced hunger, frustration, grief, and all kinds of emotions, showing that we are not separated from God in our own experiences.

If Jesus can be born in poverty and surrounded by droppings, then there is room in our lives and experiences for him as well. This is a comforting thought, especially for those of us who often feel unworthy or inadequate.

The Embrace of God’s Love

The message of Jesus’ birth is not one of judgment or condemnation, but of love and acceptance. We don’t have to have everything together or be worthy of God’s love. It is while we are still sinners, helpless, and alienated from God that he chose to come to us.

This Christmas, let us remember the humble birth of Jesus and the profound lessons it teaches us. Let us strive to accept ourselves and others, just as Jesus did, and let us open our hearts to the love and grace of God. After all, if there was room in the manger for Jesus, there is room in our lives for him as well.

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